CREMKOTE by Emisshield is a line of products used in crematories to save energy and reduce cycle times and emissions. This brand new line of coatings uses  high-emissivity technology to improve the combustion and energy efficiency of crematory equipment. Our customers report reductions in cycle times of 20%-30% and similar reductions in energy use.

Emisshield, Inc. is proud to report that the Oregon Energy Trust has performed an analysis of energy savings of CREMKOTE on a fiber-lined retort. Engineers confirmed an average of 21% energy savings over three months!


  • Is a nano-ceramic particle coating that captures energy in a crematory and multiplies it
  • Extends the life of a refractory
  • Reduces cycle times and energy by 20%-30% by lowering firing rates and fuel consumption
  • Pays for itself usually within a few months and lasts for years.

Third-party tests:

  • Have proven the technology’s durability in extremely high temperatures.
  • Confirmed an average of 21% energy savings over three months

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